The Best Warranty in the Mattress Industry

(ordering your mattress was simple, your warranty should be too.)

What is covered in the warranty?

  1. The customer’s mattress and/or mattress foundation purchased from King & Queen Company LLC. will have no manufacturer defects for a non-prorated warranty of 10 years.
  2. The mattress and/or mattress foundation purchased from King & Queen Mattress Company LLC. is covered under the said warranty.
  3. The said warranty covers manufacturer defects in the material and/or craftsmanship of their mattress.

What is NOT covered in the warranty?

  1. Any obvious misuse or damage done to the mattress will not be covered.
  2. An neglect to using proper foundations/bed frames to support the mattress.
  3. A normal increase in softness of the foam.
  4. Comfort preference. 
  5. Defects caused by physical abuse or negligence to the cover, which includes but does not limit burns, cuts, tears, liquid damage, or stains.
  6. The warranty is limited to one mattress per customer, which means any subsequent mattresses shipped to the individual’s address will not be subject to warranty.

Who is covered in the warranty?

The warranty is only valid for the original individual that purchased the mattress from King & Queen Mattress Company LLC. Please retain a copy of your receipt from King & Queen Mattress Company LLC. for your records.

What defects are covered in the warranty?

  1. The mattress should never have an indentation greater than (1.5”) that is not associated with a sag or indentation from unsupported foundations or base.
  2. A mattress requires foundation and a bed frame sufficient enough to support the collective weight of the mattress and user(s). Any flaws in the foam, cover, or springs should be warranted under normal usage and proper handling.

How do I submit a claim if I think there is a defect?

No need to worry. If you believe there is a defect with your mattress guide lined above, we will be more than happy to assist with the simple replacement process. Go to our contact page and submit your claim.

What we ask from you.

PLEASE KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL BOX THE MATTRESS WAS DELIVERED IN. In order for the King & Queen Mattress Company LLC. warranty to cover your mattress, the mattress must be/have been supported by one of the following foundation options:

  • Platform Bed Frame (if there are slats, there must be a solid surface covering the area between the mattress and slats; i.e. plywood, reinforced cardboard, masonite board, or bunky board)
  • Metal Bed Frame (must use a 5 or more legged frame for Queen/King sizes)
  • Adjustable Base Frame (must have proper even support throughout the frame's construction)
  • King & Queen Mattress Company LLC. "Add Foundation" atop of any of the above mentioned frame's

Doing so will keep your mattress and foundation from ever sagging/dipping. The original buyer of the mattress must prove that the foundation or base with a proper bed frame was used to support the weight of the mattress and user(s).

The King & Queen Mattress Company LLC. will validate the above, in order to process your return.

The Return Process

  1. The mattress and/or box frame must have protective packaging for return shipping: (a) original packaging, or (b) packaging equal to or greater than the original packaging provided by customer.
  2. The original purchaser must first show proof of original purchase and payment method.
  3. King & Queen Mattress Company LLC. has the option of requiring the purchaser to provide photographic evidence of the defect before returning the mattress, as well as the foundation used to support the mattress and user(s).
  4. If King & Queen Mattress Company LLC. determines there is a guide lined defect, the said company will assume all costs of replacing, shipping, handling, and/or refunding of the customer’s mattress.
  5. The customer will be fully refunded after the mattress has been picked up for return.
  6. A $120 fee will be kept from the refund for King & Queen Mattress Company LLC to cover a small portion of the retrieval process including: gas, labor, and transportation costs.