Our Story

For years, mattress retailers have taken advantage of customers in 2 major ways: 

  1. The use of confusing marketing terms that have no real meaning...
  2. Applying hefty markups on their mattresses (sometimes more than 60%)

If you’ve walked into a mattress store, then you know what we are talking about. Even we get confused. 

The truth is the materials to make a high-end premium mattress do not cost much more than your standard everyday bed. So what’s the difference?

Advertising & Marketing.

Big mattress companies spend millions of dollars annually on marketing and advertisements to shove their mattress in front of your screen to buy…. How do they pay for all of that marketing?


We created King & Queen on the idea of removing these large retail markups and focusing on what matters most: the inside of our mattress.

Our goal is to deliver the best sleep possible at a price that makes sense for shoppers. You will not find a better mattress for the price. 

Our custom innerspring luxury mattress features all of the bells and whistles:

  • Polyester Blend Mattress Cover
  • Hand Sewn Button Tufts 
  • Premium Cooling Gel  
  • Plush Quilted Memory Foam
  • Latex Cushioned Support Layer 
  • Performance Comfort Foam
  • Center Support System
  • Pocketed Coils 
  • Edge to Edge Foam Encasement 

...and the best part:

We bring this mattress to you at a factory price!

Not only is our mattress at a lower price than competitors, we also gave it an industry leading 180 Night Sleep Trial and a 10 Year Lifetime Warranty to back it up. 

Bottom Line: You don’t have to spend an outrageous amount of money to sleep on a premium hand-crafted mattress

Experience the King & Queen Difference and sleep like royalty tonight!

Jordan Beck
Founder & CEO