Bed in a Box vs Innerspring Mattress

Let’s break it down for you, to keep things simple.

Pet rocks, platform shoes, and iPods are all fads that people took part in over the past 30 years. The newest fad in the mattress industry are foam beds. In our world, they are known as the “Bed in a Box”.

Your typical Bed-in-a-Box is made only with foam in some form or fashion and they’ve become extremely popular for two main reasons: 

  • Price 
  • Convenience

Foam in general is inexpensive to manufacture, which makes these really affordable and easy to ship rolled up. The downside is they aren’t meant for lasting support. Don’t take our word for it, just go read the reviews online.

After a year or two (sometimes less) the foam in these beds breakdown and give. We aren’t chiropractor’s here, but your spine needs support when you sleep. Unless you weigh under 100 lbs or use them for a guest room, foam beds are not built to provide support every single night. The more weight that’s compressed on it, the quicker the foam wears out. Let’s say it again together-FOAM BEDS WEAR OUT.

Yes, it does come for free to your door in a box you can easily handle. Yes, it’s going to cost less than a $1,000-no matter what size you need. Yes, it’s fun to roll it out and watch it expand on your bed frame.

BUT in the end, your back will thank you later if you spend a little more and purchase a higher quality mattress that’s built to last.

Don’t take our word for it. We just make beds for a living…What do we know? Try our mattress risk free today and feel the difference.