Age Is Just A Number

Changes to our sleep are normal as we grow older.

Does getting older mean I need more sleep?

No, in fact it’s just the opposite. Your sleep needs to be more regulated and constant.

Our bodies are like machines, they need to be used and fueled. If you are putting bad fuel in a machine or just let it sit there, it’s not going to work as well.

Sleep is great, but your lifestyle is more important.

As you grow older, it’s natural that our bodies take longer to heal, wear down faster, and don’t have as much stamina.

Now all of these depend mostly on our genetics, but more importantly your lifestyle.

It’s common knowledge that if you take care of your body as you age, you’ll live a healthier life.

When you are young you can eat like crap, not workout, and still look good. Why? Because your body is new.

If you bought a new car and drove it like a mad man for a few weeks it will still feel new…but if you did that for a few years, well you’ll probably be replacing some parts on the vehicle sooner than you would like. Same goes for your life. The first 25 years can be crazy, wild, and fun-but after that you have to start taking care of yourself or you too will be replacing some parts of your body: joints, organs, tissues, etc.

Why is sleep so important as I grow older?

You don’t necessarily need more sleep as you get older, but you do need to make sure you get the adequate amount. It takes our bodies longer to heal itself and re-charge, so having those 7-9 hours of sleep per night are pivotal for the mind, body, and soul to heal itself each day.

Sleeping too much can overcharge the body to where it feels drowsy, so get up and get the body working. At the end of each day, your body should want to be tired and worked-longing for sleep, so give it what it needs to keep the engine going & stay healthy.

Even though our bodies come in all shapes and sizes, each one of us require a different amount of nutrients. However, one thing is constant – we all need sleep.