Mattress Shopping 101

Buying a mattress is hard, we know.

Does price always matter when it comes to quality?

  • Heck no! When you walk into a retail store to purchase a mattress, they are typically marked up 45%-65% depending how “luxurious” the mattress is. In some cases, even more if there is a commissioned salesman involved.
  • Because there is such a wide variety of mattresses out there, the best way to start shopping for one is to set a budget.
  • From there you can compare what’s available in the marketplace and what you can afford.

What is the most important thing to look for when shopping for a mattress?

  • What’s INSIDE the mattress matters most.
  • The bad part is most mattress retailers have fancy marketing names so you don’t really know what those materials are. They come up with these names to make you “ooh and ahh” because simply telling you wouldn’t persuade you enough to buy.
  • Don’t get taken advantage of by fake names and greedy salesmen, do your research and price shop for what’s out there.

Bed in a Box

  • If you are young, limber, and don’t need a lot of support when you sleep then go for it.
  • The foam beds you see everywhere online are great for temporary use and or guests-but when it comes to support that will last be weary of these.
  • Overtime foam beds lose their support, especially if you have that one spot you like to sleep in. The lifetime on these are typically only 2-3 years depending on how much support you need.
  • You don’t see professional river guides in the mountains using inflatable rafts that expand really fast out of those tiny little packs right? Same concept with mattresses.
  • Again, look at what’s INSIDE and don’t be scared to ask if you aren’t sure or confused.

The thicker the mattress, the more support you get right?

  • Wrong. Just because a mattress is thick does not make it supportive.
  • You basically have three types of mattresses:
    • Plush-very forgiving and little to no support
    • Luxury Firm-soft enough to give support for almost any sleeping position
    • Firm-not forgiving and rigid support, primarily for back sleepers
  • Most sleep trials online will allow you to try the mattress for a certain time period. Generally finding out if the mattress is right for you takes about a month of sleeping on to break it in.

We found this video online, please watch. It’s hilarious and scarily very accurate.